Craft Shooting – no rules in war for survival! 4.7.301 App Download Android Apk

Craft Shooting – no rules in war for survival! 4.7.301 App Download Android Apk

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Craft Shooting - no rules in war for survival! For Android

What is Craft Shooting - no rules in war for survival!

Craft Shooter is a blistering action game set in a familiar world. Shoot enemies, build covers, fight and defeat other players. If a wall is in your way – simply remove it. And then rebuild it

Game features

+Interactive world. Raise fortifications using blocks, hide, and build bridges and tunnels to go around opponents.
+Dozens of weapon types that you can level up as you like. Hundreds of upgrades.
+Fight real players — up to 10 on one map.
+Automatic firing and assisted targeting. Open fire by simply turning in an opponent’s direction. If you like being in complete control, both functions can be disabled, either together or separately.
+Stand out from the crowd. There are numerous unique skins at your disposal.
+Get resources. Smash other players’ blocks and claim them for yourself.
+Level up your gear. Be the strongest.


Each map boasts a unique setting and battle conditions. Play the role of police officers or a gang of criminals in “Coppers & Robbers” mode. Fight in the jungle in “Deadly Games.” Take on the opposing team in “Battleground.” Defend your fortresses in “Sniper Forts” and hurl opponents out of the sky in “Sky Wars” mode. Enter a destroyed city in “Zombie Apocalypse” and have fun in “Pixelmon Park” mod.

Weapons and levelling up

Each mode has its own special gear. Players can increase their power and level up the types of weapons and outfits they like.

Before entering a battle, players can select the optimal set of gear for the map, and when they die, they can make changes to it to tweak their tactics. Shoot enemies with a sniper rifle, blow them away with a perfect shotgun round or run headlong into melee combat armed with an axe.

Find your favorite among 40 weapon types and upgrade it, increasing destructive power and improving your accuracy and other attributes. Players who prefer building to shooting will enjoy the special blocks that can be used to create incredibly secure covers.


The more you win, the higher you climb. Each subsequent league unlocks new types of weapons and opportunities to level up. Your skills are the key to everything. Train hard and one day you will be top of the leaderboard.
Hi, crafters!

Craft Shooter is now available all over the world!

And on top of that:

– Raider and General machine guns and the Reaper rifle now use incendiary rounds that burn enemies.
– Fully changed the Pixelmon Park, Cops & Robbers, Deadly Games, Sniper Forts cards.
– Upgraded character animations.
– Discounts for gold bars are coming!
– You’ll be able to buy sets of items that are far cheaper together than separately.

Hurry to the game, all the new additions await you!

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